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omg dead


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omg dead

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Dear Conor Maynard, you sir, are a talented young man. You have officially won me over.

  • He can sing. He can sing LIVE.
  • He’s funny and down to earth. I’ve been watching his video diaries since last night. I don’t understand why some of the comments on YouTube say he’s arrogant. I just don’t. He seems really nice. I love his humor. 
  • He writes his own songs. If he starts writing deeper lyrics, I will go cray. But writing like eight out of twelve tracks on his album is a good start. Good job, kid.
  • I love that he swears, and can be dirty minded sometimes and that his fans don’t care. Artists these days try so hard to keep the goody-goody image they have, they’re not even genuine anymore. People swear, deal with it.
  • I also love how immature he is sometimes. He’s nineteen and he’s being himself. I just really love artists who don’t try so hard to please people, okay.
  • He covered Starships and made it sound a million times better. Nicki Minaj’s lyrics are hopeless, obviously, but the wonders his voice can do to that song. WOW.
  • I wish he could have more laid back tunes. Ballads or something, not just the usual pop songs on the charts today. (shout out to his management: please give this kid some credit. He can do so much better than singing about not being able to say no to girls, and girls who can get down low in general)
  • I wonder if he plays the guitar too… Because that would be just lovely.
  • HE CAN SING. I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry. 
I’m going to wait until he releases an album that does his talent some justice. But for the mean time, I guess I am officially a fan. I wouldn’t call myself a Mayniac just yet, but yes, I am now a fan. 
P.S. I’m sorry but I just really love this video he did with his friend. Hahaha. So much soul in that voice!
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Can I just live in The Magical World Of Harry Potter where all the posters on the wall move?

Holy mother of jfbsdkjzbalkfbjgbskjgb. Josh Hutcherson, you are the sexiest man alive, omgg.

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